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MyOpenLab is a Java-based software, which contains graphic blocks, each one fulfills a specific function and has properties configurable by the user, these components can be joined together to implement in a simple way the graphical part and The logic of an application.



Interfaces Implementadas

The software integrates elements to communicate with the most commercial platforms like Arduino®, Raspberry PI®, Android® and devices with Serial Communication.
Interfaces are included as users make suggestions on the available communication channels such as the Facebook page, the YouTUBE channel, and the Forum.

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MyOpenLab Colombia

The project was initiated by Carmelo Daniel Salafia-German Developer who designed and developed the project for several years, being the main developer until the middle of the year 2017 when he decided to transfer the development of the project to Engineer Javier Velásquez, who is currently the lead developer.

The distribution of the software has several examples of the use of the elements to make it easier for users to understand the logic of this program.

Users of this software do not necessarily have to be advanced programmers, but they must have a basic level of programming concepts.

The Project has been developed with Java® and Netbeans® and therefore run on different platforms if there are no hardware dependencies.

The software is available in German, English and Spanish.


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Check the Gallery to know the interface of the software and as some examples look.

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If, like us, you like the project, the page without publicity and want to contribute to this free software, we thank you, MyOpenLab.

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