Versión 3.11.0 (07.08.2017)

+ Android Connector Application Preview and Example at:

VirtualMachines>RaspberryPI>Test Android Interface.

The APK Folder Includes the APK for Android v5.0+ Phones or Tablets. (The Android App works only with WI-FI to get a local LAN IP Address).

+ Arduino I/O Interface Updated and Example Included at:


The folder includes the Arduino v1.8.3 Skectch for upload the code to the Arduino Mega, UNO, DUE and Others. (This Arduino I/O element works for Raspberry, Windows and Linux).

+Setter y Getter Elements updated to fix a bug (It only works with Double Type Variables) +Example +Documentation.

Now Setter and Getter works with Boolean, Integer, Double and String! (\myopenlab_source\src\VisualLogic\ line 354 was modified to add Integer case and the Setter and Getter code was modified too).

+Added Example for Setter and Getter elements at "VirtualMachines\English Examples\FlowChart\Variables_JV\SetterAndGetterExample.vlogic"
+Added Documentation for Setter and Getter Elements...

+ Fixed:
JText Focus Lost Error in "Text_Indicator_JV" Element (JText fleid Focus Listener removed).

+ Fixed:
Error in New Projects File Patch Separator at ""

+ Implemented "File.separator" to fix errors during creation of User Defined Elements folders with default patches.
It was caused by a mix of File separators "/" and "\" at ""

+ Splash Screen updated and included in all launch scripts and .bat files.
+ Spanish documentation updated for Variabes > "Getter" Element.

+ Fixed Error Creating and Opening vew Projects in v3.10.0 "Basis.loadFromStream() malformed input around byte 0
error loading File"

Versión 3.10.0 (02.06.2017)

Update from Javier Velásquez:

+Android Connector Preview 1.

+Arduino I/O Interface v1.1 Updated and Fixed to v1.2 located at Raspberry PI Elements folder.

+ Updated the Instructions to Setting up the Arduino Driver on Raspbian Jessie with PIXEL and MyOpenLab 3.9.1,
+ New Ubuntu Instructions on Facebook MyOpenLab Colombia Page.

Versión 3.9.0

+ New Version System (Now only 3 Numers)
│ │ │
│ │ └───────── Revisionsnummer (for Bugfixes)
│ └─────────── Nebenversionsnummer (for new features)
└───────────── Hauptversionsnummer (for major Releases)

+ new Documentation (Spanish) examples and Elements from Prof. José Manuel Ruiz Gutiérrez
+ new : Flowcharts: now works with Javascript
+ new : Flowcharts: now with Array Possibilities see "Virtual Machines/English Examples/Flowcharts demos/1D_Array_example.vlogic"
you can see under: (VisualLogic.variables)
+ new Raspberry PI Elements from Ing. Robinson Javier Velásquez.
YouTUBE Channel:
+ small Bugfixes

+ Java3D does not work on some Systems
+ RS232 Problems on Ubuntu

Versión (06.06.2016)

+ Javascript Bugfix (selected Datatype is not correct shown)
Linux Bugfixes:
+ Create Distribution bugfix
+ DistributionStarter.jar Bugfix
+ new: start_linux_distribution (Start MyOpenLab Distribution under Linux)
+ Ugly Fonts Problem fixed (Raspbian)
+ Small Bug fixes on GUI (Raspbian)

Versión (31.05.2016)

Bugfix for Javascript Component
Added Example for Javascript Component under VirtualMachines/English Examples/Javasacript

Versión (07.05.2016)

Bugfixes for:
The contextual menu option "Help" in a block is no longer necessary.
Resizing Problem with Documentation Panel
Bugfix with Documentation Image (No icon showed, sometimes)


Versión (28.04.2016)

Version is still in MyOpenLab Header Bar :/
Scrollbar Problem in Property-Editor fixed
Icon-Distances corrected (Top Icons)
Min & Max width for Right Panel (Docu-Panel)
Background Color White for Right Panel (Docu-Panel)


Versión (27.04.2016)

New RS232 Version 2 (Linux Compatible)
Virtual Maschines Project permanent visible
Element Documentation on the Right (permanent visible)
Bugfix at Documentations-Editor (Editing Doc Files now possible)


Versión (18.04.2016)

Switching between tabs is no longer possible (Fixed)
Element palette: When switching from CircuitPanel to FrontPanel or FrontPanel to CircuitPanel now the last Directory is remembered.


Versión (17.04.2016)

Whats new?

MyOpenLab Repository (preparations)
Proxy Settings for MyOpenLab Repository Extras->Options->Proxy Settings
Element Palette witch displays now the Localized Name from the definition.def unsted Directory Name witch is better to understand
Create new Directory with 0- ready for MyOpenLab Repository
Create new VM directly from Element Palette
Menu Save as Modul is Obsolete -> Use "Create new VM" directly from Element Palette
Tree: Directories = Project Node (Popupmenu)
div. Bugfixes


Versión (06.03.2016)

Übersetzungen Spanisch (Danke an Jose Manuel)


Versión (05.03.2016)

Beheben div. Bugx für Linux
Behoben: Alte MyOpenLab Version in den letzten 3 Distributionen!


Versión (04.03.2016)

Linux Bugfix: flowcharts (dec und delay Problem beim laden)
2bolean/SheibeSchalter Icon wurde nicht dargestellt


Versión (03.03.2016)

Bugfix für Linux und Firmata and Java 7


Versión (01.03.2016)

icons bugfix for linux
decision bugfix for linux


Versión (28.02.2016)

Firmata nun auch für Arduino Mega
Distribution.jar fix
Property Editor (etwas schlanker)
Dialog Korrekturen
Kein Doc Windows mehr-> Element window
Help Editor fix
bugfix: xpaint error in isGleich Komponente unter Linux



Bugfix: für RS232 (RS232 RS232.Exception getSingleByte(I)) Mantis #8
Neu : FlowChat Element Delay kann nun mit Variablen arbeiten Mantis #10
Neu : kleine optische Verbesserungen
Neu : neue Beispiele für Firmata von Jose Manuel Ruiz
Deleted : Delete ANX, Simulator and Test Files Mantis #9


Versión 3.0.4

Neu: Läuft unter WinXP bis Win8.1

Neu: Läuft unter Linux (nur Firmata Komponente mit RS232)

Neu: Firmata Komponente (inkl. neuen RS232 Triber der schneller ist)

Neu : Läuft unter JAVA 8 !!!Kein Java 3D für Java 8!


Versión 3.0.31 (15.05.2008)

Unterstützung für CompuLAB Interface USB(modul bus)


Versión 3.0.30 (14.05.2008)

Div. Bugs entfernt

Neues Element Date/Time V 1.1 unterstützt nun auch
AM/PM und 24H Format.

Fehler in der Analog-Uhr "Clock Demo" wurde behoben

Element "Zeitgeber" HIGH/LOW wurde auf 3600000 ms  (~ 1Std) erweitert.


Versión (6.05.2008)

Übersetzungen ergänzt

Div. Bugs entfernt

ANX-7 Simulator nun auch Mehrsprachig


Versión under GPL License

MyOpenLab Now unter GPL Liecense

So, old K8055 is not supported anymore, but new Version V1.1.



Bug fix

new Driver V. 1.1 for the velleman(R) K8055 with Counter


Versión Build  (Stabile)

Added Device Velleman(R) PCS10 / K8047
Diverse Bugs fixed


Versión Build 3.017 (Beta 1) 18.06.2007

Bug fixed : Problem with Front-Panel background solved. (Not saved!)


Versión Build 3.016 (Beta 1) 14.06.2007


FlowCharts: For / Next Loop

Example : "\Distribution\Examples\FlowChart\For_Next.vlogic"

FlowCharts : While / Wend Loop

Example : "\Distribution\Examples\FlowChart\While_Wend.vlogic"

FlowCharts :Print (without Return)

Now Raster for Circuit-Panel (See Menu : Extras->Options)

Crosshairs for Circuit-Panel (Only Wire Mode)

FlowCharts :Decision now supports full expressions


Versión Build 3.015 (Beta 1) 8.06.2007 17:33

RobotArm3D Simulation added Example : "Distribution\Examples\Robotic\RobotArm3D.vlogic"


Little Tutorial under Turorials


Versión Build 3.015 (Beta 1)

  • Div. Bugs Fixed
  • LW A: Bug fixed
  • RS232 Timeout Added
  • Universal Multiplexer added
  • Example under :"Distribution\Examples\UniversalMultiplexer"
  • Crash after open Dokument fixed
  • Robot V.1.1 added
    • Speed optimized
    • Background Color
    • Grid Visible
    • Grid DX, DY
    • Robot Image Customizable
    • Examples under "Distribution\Examples\Robotic\"


Versión Build 3.010 (Beta 1)

  • Div. Bugs Fixed
  • RS232 is completely Reformed!
  • New DataTypes : Byte, 1DByte, 2DByte
  • New Modbus RTU Command
  • New Examples : "\Distribution\Examples\RS232"


Versión Build 3.008 (Beta 1)

  • Div. Bugs Fixed
  • new Elements
    • KeyPanel : "\FrontElements\2Extras\KeyPanel"
      for Grabbing Keyboard Events
    • FuzzyControl : "CircuitElements\Automation\FuzzyControl"
      FuzzyControl is an Element for the Fuzzy Control Language (fcl)
      and uses the LGPL, GPL "JFuzzyLogic"
  • New Examples :
    • Distribution\Examples\KeyPanel
    • Distribution\Examples\Fuzzy Logic
    • "


Versión Build 3.000 (Beta 1)

  • Update function disabled, because it's not finished.
  • Userdefined Elements now under  :
    • \MyOpenLab\UserElements
    • and are not dependent from the Distribution.
  • If an Element is moved to another Categorie, now MyOpenLab will detect this and search the Element in otherCategories.
  • RS232 Interface Support
  • anx-S20 Servo Board Element is obsolete and not in Distribution
  • Div. Bugs fixed.
  • New Examples for RS232 Interface under :\Distribution\Examples\RS232

Versión 3.0 Alpha 6

Code editor now supports :

  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Search


Versión 3.0 Alpha

  • Java 6 for "Windows Vista"(R) support up to 30% more speed
  • ProjectManager for better working
  • Creating Sub-VM with Drag and Drop (ProjectManager)
  • New Driver concept
  • Driver for K8055 and anx-S20 now inklusive
  • Passwort protection for VM's
  • Multi Licenses
  • Print Function

Distribution works a little bit different now, it don't create anymore complete Applications because now MyOpenLab have more licenses and it is necessary to agree to all the Licenses, every created Distribution uses MyOpenLab as a "Runtime Engine (RT)" The Distribution directory is now very small,  now it is possible to sell the  Myopenlab Distributions, because all Distribution VM's will be scrambled and protected  from the decompiling.


Versión 2.5 (Release Candidate 1)

  • estpoint Node added (Click right Mouse on Wire->Add Testpoint)
  • Wire Nodes that replace Splitter and “OR”
    (click right Mouse on Wire->"Add Node" or press +left mouse button on Wire)
  • Digital Window (displays Boolean values from the testpoint)
  • Analog Window (displays Double values from the testpoint)
  • Testpoint Window (displays the wire value from the testpoint)
  • Boolean wire status is now Visible in “Debug Mode”
  • Bug in Graphs Fixed
  • other Bugs Fixed
  • New Property in Front-Panel for Displaying ToolBar in RunMode
  • New Example in „\Distribution\Examples\Testpoints“


Version from 20:54 has Bugfixes in TimeGraph and Examples!

Testpoints are simple Nodes, but they send  the information for
“Digital Window”, “Analog Window” and “Testpoint Window”.

Element “Splitter” and “OR(Wire)” are obsolete! Please use only Nodes!


Versión 2.5

  • Bug in Boolean\NOT Gatter solved
  • New Wire Method without OR and "Verteiler"
  • Simply add an Node with +Left Mouse Button On Wire!
  • PopupMenu for Wire with (Add Node / Add Testpoint)
  • TestPoint



  • Bug in "CircuitElements\CounterTimer\Counter_up_down" solved!
  • Bug in "CircuitElements\CounterTimer\TickerCounter" solved!
  • New Example"Examples\Image Processing Demos\Convolution.vlogic"
  • Vectors/Matrix now complete!
  • New Examples for VectorsMatrix "Examples\VectorMatrix"
  • New Help Files from Prof.José Manuel Ruiz Gutiérrez
  • Now Spanish examples "Ejemplos" and "Ejemplos2" -> "Ejemplos" (Prof.José Manuel Ruiz Gutiérrez)
  • Corrected Elements by Prof.José Manuel Ruiz Gutiérrez



  • Bug in Flowchart "Frowchart Setter/Getter" fixed!
  • Datatype is now visible on mouse over pin!


  • Better Debugging
  • Flowcharts now Procedure/Function capable (with start, return)
  • Flowchart "println" added
  • Flowchart BEEP added
  • Div. Bugs Fixed
  • Some Elements now under the LGPL Licence! (in future more!)

Know issues:

Problem with distribution when you use Flowchart Element "Procedure/Function"!

New Examples under "Distribution\Examples\Flowcharts demos"


  • Decorators now supports Fill-Gradient and Transparency
  • New Buttorn with Image
  • ToggleButton Added
  • Link | Redirect Elements (Elements can be moved to an other Directory)
  • LED (Rectangle) added
  • New Element Property : Visible (Visible=false -> only under Running-Mode)
  • Reload-VM Button
  • Div. Bugs Fixed
  • Sorted Categories
  • BCD Counter with UP/Down , Reset, Enable
  • New Oscilloscope and Time Graph
  • Bugs in Categories fixed
  • New : „Show Item Names“ in Kategories and Elements
  • Counter with UP/Down
  • New Canvas Element (ListOfCanvas Objects)
  • Bug in Flowchart fixed
  • Now you can edit the Icons from userdef Directories or Elements(See Options)
  • Spinner for INT/DBL
  • PID Regulator
  • New : Summ Expression Parser Element

Flowchart Beep Element added

New Demos under "Distribution\Examples\Demos_22_02_2007"


Canvas intern build new! so don't use the old Library
Bug with "Gauge", and" Analog Display" solved.
Bug in Userdefined Elements solved. (It's dot allowed that circuitcElements have an Front-Panel Element)
Possibility added to add an innerborder to components (definition.def)

New components :


Elements\CircuitElements\Boolean/Flip Flops



Only if in =true it sends an output!


For Capturing Mouse Events


It stores a List of Canvas Objects

New Examples included :

Examples\Flip-Flop Demos
Examples\MouseCatch Demos

Versión (Beta) vom 01.02.2007

  • Im Debug Modus : Status für Drähte vom Typ Boolean wird angezeigt
  • String Ausgabe nun verbessert
  • Icon für Frame
  • Splash Screen beim laden von VM's
  • Flow Charts
  • Bug Fixed

Versión 2.3.8 (Beta) vom 11.01.2007

Spash Screen hinzugefügt

Versión 2.3.8 (Beta) vom 10.01.2007

  • Bugfix Version
  • Canvas Elemente zum Zeichnen
  • div. andere Elemente
  • verbesserte Verdrahtungsfunktion


Versión 2.3.5 (Beta) vom 19.01.2006

  • Verbesserte Verarbeitungsgeschwindigkeit.
  • Verschiedene Bugs entfernt.
  • Neue Komponenten
  • Auswahl der Verarbeitung zwischen Anwendung und Elektrotechnik
  • ToolTopText bei Pins eingeführt



Copyright Carmelo Salafia 2017