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Errors found during programming

Waldemar Gumowski
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Errors I found during programming:

1. "Flowchart Setter" does not want to take the value "Integer" (Double, String accepts)
2. Starting a new procedure (Flowchart Procedure -> Start) with given variables - does not accept the Integer variable (I tried Int, Integer, integer ...), f.e.: NewProcedure(String s, Double d, Integer i)
3. "Flowchart Decision" also does not work with variables "Integer"


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1) Flow Chart Setter, please replace your old element folder named "ProcessSetter" located in "\distribution\Elements\CircuitElements\FlowCharts" with the fixed folder that I have attached and try again.

2) I have modified the app to use Integer variables, but you will need use the v3.12.0 preview to update the attached files.

If you defines "Integer" in the Start elelement, in the "FlowChartProcedure" you will need use Integer format, by example now you must use y=Test(5,3)  instead y=Test(5.0,3.0)  to avoid errors.

Development version:


You will need download and unzip this v3.12.0 preview and update the "/distribution/myopenlab.jar" file and "\distribution\Elements\VisualLogic\variables\VSFlowInfo.class" file.

3. With the Flow Chart Setter fixed element it will works.


Best regards,

Javier Velásquez