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[Resuelto] Caption of Elements

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I have a suggestion for the Caption/Naming of the Elements.

I think it would better to automatically assign the same caption as the Circuit Elements to the associated Front Elements and vice versa.

This would help seamlessly refer the object in both the environment.



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When you place a new element It initializes with the same caption for circuit panel and front panel.

If you change the caption It will not update for the two panels because circuit panel captions and front panel captions can be different if the user want it.

To help the user to identify what front element corresponds to circuit element there are two options.

1. If you double clicks the front panel element MyOpenLab goes to the circuit

 panel and overlays the Element.

2. You can enable the option of the Main Settings Menu > Extras > Options > Other Options> "Show Elements ID" (It is not working as I want but I will update It on next distributions).

Thanks for your suggestions, I will keep it on mind for the MyOpenLab Development.

Best Regards,

Javier Velásquez