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19/03/2018 10:59 am  


I have just heard of MyOpenLab, which seems a great product. I must evaluate how to use it for some projects. So I have some questions before to enter in the technical job

1) What is the current licensing schema ? Can I use MyOpenLab freely for commercial products ?

2) Wher can I find some documentation (in English) for the distribution of my future applications, on PC and on Raspberry PI ?


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19/03/2018 5:24 pm  


1) The license of MyOpenLab© is GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007 you could read the license terms in the MyOpenLab menu "Help" > "Info" or you could read it in

*Some elements developed by third party developers could manage other license terms and you must verify it (By Example Valleman Drivers and Other).

2) Most Documents are written in Spanish, you could try to automatic traslate it because English documentation is under development and It could take some months to be published.
In the "Contextual Help Window" of MyOpenLab some elements has English Help and there are some english videos on YouTube that could help you.


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