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The program does not control the "RPi GPIO" port

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I apologize for the bother, I would have a problem with "MyOpenLab 3.11.0" to run the "Test_DO_GPIO_Element" program that works according to the program, but it does not actually switch GPIO. What can cause this problem? 
Do you still have to install something to make the program work flawlessly?
Can you help solve this problem? 

Thank you in advance!

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The GPIO element is based on "Wiring Pi" Library, to get all working you will need to install the Wiring Pi Library.

If there is already installed and you can test the output with the Linux Terminal using the wiring pi commands It must works well because MyOpenLab sends the WiringPi Library commands to the linux terminal in the same way as user do it.

If there are fails It could be caused when the update rate is too fast, This Library can switch the GPIO but It is very slow (10 or less Hertz because It depends of CPU proccessing level and Java-CPU communication time).

Wiring Pi Library Web:



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